Turkey hunt turns into near deer hunting disaster.


There is a small 15 acre piece of Creekbottom that I have permission to hunt on that's very near my home. While getting the kids to school this morning heard some turkey activity in that area so I thought I still have a turkey tag so I will go see what I can do. I make it in the property about 100 yards and then see A doe and twin fawns moving my way and no turkeys. Decide I'm just going to back out and not press the turkey issue since there are deer on the property. I don't make it 25 yards and noticed there are two does and a proximally three Fawns north of me, looking at me. I decided to stop kneel down behind some brush and let them move at their own pace. They don't seem overly nervous.
This is when things go badly. The first doe and twin fawns must've moved directly toward me because they are at about 30 yards staring down at me from the Creek bank. Again no one seems nervous, no snort wheezing, no Whitetail waving goodbye. So at this point I just lay down completely flat on the ground with my shotgun at my side. Then like they appeared out of thin air a eight point and a young six point appear 15 yards to the northwest of where I'm laying. At this point I'm cussing quietly to myself for bringing my shotgun and not my crossbow this morning. I'd lay there on the ground for approximately 10 to 15 minutes while all the deer move off. None of them seemed overly alarmed about me being there. Or laying on the ground like a damn fool. At one point in this debacle I was laying on the ground nearly completely surrounded by deer ranging from 30-15 yards and not a damn thing I can do about it. Other than lay there quietly and still. That and cussing myself in my head.

I did learn a few things though. So it's not all bad. Looks like there's two sets of twins Fawns not one.
This is the first time that I've seen bucks moving that closely with the does.
And lastly I need to either move my blind or set up a second one in closer proximity to this position.
Isn't that how hunting goes? The minute you stop one hunting one species they show up and when you start hunting them again they disappear, story of my life
Sounds like a good spot you have there. Good luck in deciding what firearm to carry with you next time. Personally I would choose deer over turkey every time ;)
From here on out I'm done with the turkeys and unless it's going to be a turkey with a crossbow. Going to head back in an hour or two and set up a second blind. Two blinds on 15 acres seems like a bit much but I guess they don't do any good sitting in my closet either.
I couldn't help but think you were going to have an all out buck fight right beside you since you said it was almost a disaster....
They seem to have the pecking order worked out between the two. That would've been something to see.
Also kind of made me wonder about all the scent control, camo and everything else. I was down there blue jeans, work boots, and a Royals hat only came a piece of camo clothing I had on was a real tree hooded sweatshirt. Anyway got the second blind set up. I have to wait and see if I can get some dumb luck my way again.

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Seems to go that way sometimes. Sure makes for an adventurous time in the woods, and nothing wrong with that.