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Last fall/winter I had a several of Wayne's chestnuts and some bur oaks going. I managed to keep them alive during this sweltering Texas summer. Fall and winter rolled around and watered occasionally when were seemed to be in a dry spell. Trees were outside. Spring rolled around and 1 out of 15 trees are still alive.

I've got more of Wayne's chestnuts and and some bur oaks again. I was thinking about planting them this winter and try that route. I know my wife would be all for Get them out of the back yard. I'm very loyal about getting them water throughout the summer. Not worried about that. Just worried about what I should or shouldn't be doing with them in the winter months.

Protect them from critters is the biggest thing......use a short piece of PVC or tree tube, also a tall tin can with both sizes has been known to work.

Squirrels, chipmunks, deer, turkeys, etc will try dig hem up if you don't
I have tree tubes. I'm just curious why all my trees went belly up after last winter. Only 1 of about 15 woke up last spring.