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I've seen twins a lot with whitetails in the past but I recently have hundreds of pics of a single doe with three fawns, I assume triplets. Just wondering how rare that is and what it means, healthy doe I spose.
I have personally never seen a doe with triplets, but I did see Black Bear sow with five.
I have a doe with triplets on my farm again this year. Haven't had any in several years. It seems odd, but they are the biggest fawns I have on camera, their spots are fading and they look larger than about any of the others.
Don't know how common it is but I bow hunted a property 3 consecutive years and each year I observed a doe that raised 3 button buck fawns each year. The only time I ever saw triplets.
Triplets happen here with some does most years as do single fawns. Twins are the more common here.
This summer I'm seeing some of the biggest fawns I've ever seen. If they didn't have spots I'd assume that they were mature deer. With all of our rain we've had good food for the deer all summer. Would this be the difference?
I had triplet bucks 22 years ago. They had tiny racks with no point over 6 inches tall. I have also seen other triplet fawns three years ago.