Tried some frost seeding

Jerry D

Just a couple days ago we got 4" of snow and it should be melted for good by now. Had a chance to go to the hunting property.

Over the weekend I broadcast some red clover on the snow hoping it melts and washes in.

We will see how it does. Originally planted ladino clover so I hope to see some red clover coming up.

If it does okay. I will consider frost seeding clover in the spring next year.

Last fall I also broadcast rye over the plot based on some recommendations of others doing it so I'm interested in seeing how much that took as well.

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Here is a picture

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Good luck. I frost seeded red clover in February. Late February we had a really warm spell and it germinated really well. Then March brought back the normal freezing temperatures so I’m curious to see if my new red clover seedlings survived