Tree tubes for Chestnut trees


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I have my Chestnut trees in 5ft tree tubes do I need to trim the branches in the tube or should I leave them alone?
I'm kind of curious about this too; I have a number of caged dunstan and Chinese chestnuts. They have branches going all over the place since I've never pruned them. I prune our fruit trees, but was worried about putting too much stress on our chestnuts. They are going on 3 years in the ground now.
From what I’ve read they do need to be thinned out and trained upward. A lot of what you read is centered around chestnut crops instead of chestnut wildlife food though.
This link shows it pretty well.
I’ve done some pruning on mine to maintain a central leader but haven’t done any thinning. I,d wait until they go dormant to do any serious pruning though unless they were getting powdery mildew from no air movement in the tube or have an obvious dead limb.