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I have a great spot that is back in the timber that currently has a 10yo ladder stand set. I would like to build something that would provide some more comfort/cover, but don't want to be enclosed in a box blind. I'd still like to be able to shoot 360 degrees (I've killed deer in all directions) and don't want to give up my ability to hear. Being 20' up is also a plus. There are some deep hollows that I don't want to give up the ability to see.

My thought was to modify a nice two man ladder stand and build a frame around it to provide cover from my shoulders down and have the ability to add some cover for rain.

Has anyone done something similar? Google searches haven't turned up much so maybe it's a bad idea :).
I've been thinking about how to do the same thing this week. The only thing I've come up with is using cattle panels around the sides and tying cedar limbs into them. For the top, I'm still up in the air about that. I could arch a piece of cattle panel from one side to the other of the ladder stand and cut out windows on the side. Covering the arch with a camo tarp would help with the rain. But, I'd like to hear other ideas as well. I have the ladder stands, so I really would like to modify those.
Yeah. Not many things out there that I can find. This looks like a good start. Cattle panels are a great idea to make it rigid. I think I can work with this concept and just add wood for the additional framing.
They do make these, but I was looking for something I could build.

I have a roof that goes over a ladder stand. It's at camp but I've never used it. It is a simple A frame or pitched roof that attaches to the tree above the ladder stand the same as a lock on stand would. If you can weld or know someone who can mine was easy to make. Seems like I've seen some kind of umbrella deal that attaches to a tree also.
My son used to use that umbrella that attaches to a tree trunk. Not much for warmth, but it kept the drizzle off very well.
Put up a 2 man stand that may give you enough side clearance.They make roofs for them and you could put black plastic sides and cover with camo Burlap
Thanks for all the ideas everyone. I have one of those strap on rain covers from an old ladder stand I bought. I never used it so hopefully it is still laying somewhere. It would make a great base for a roof structure.

I am planning to go with a two man with a platform that goes back to the tree and extra side clearance. It should give me a good base to frame off of. Muddy makes a 20' model that looks perfect.
I was able to find a good price on a Muddy Nexus. It's a 20' ladder stand with a big platform so it should give me plenty to work with.
Attached is a stand built using a TV tower (20ft). It can be as simple or elaborate as you like; at thiscenter stand.jpg point of its construction, it only had the platform, minus a 4th platform board. Plus, it has a built-in ladder!
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Ben Allgoods suggestion for using a metal tower is a good one; I believe you can build one for little cost, and to ensure good safety. On another site, ST Fanatic suggested folks consider old windmill structures as a source of construction materials. Many are fairly long pieces of angle iron; just about the right length for tower legs. For cross braces, you just need scaffolding X cross braces that typically contain holes on each end (you would have to drill into the legs). Your metal platform can be obtained often at an inexpensive cost by contacting an instructor who teaches welding at a junior college / high school industrial arts program; both the students and instructors often are thrilled to have an actual project for the students to work on. Again, a second windmill structure should provide ample steel for constructing the platform. Hope this helps and somebody tries it; if so, let us know how it works out. Note: In some areas closer to urban centers, old windmills are harder to find since many were removed and often the remaining ones are being refurbished as historical items.
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