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Someone please drop some info on me and tell me what this tree is. Years ago before my grandad passed he went on a planting spree and these must have been some of them. I don’t have the slightest clue what this tree would be, all I know is that we have three of them located in the back field of one of our plots.

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Could it be a type of Che or Chinese mulberry? I don't know but it might be a direction to look.

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Mitch, those are actually edible. Split them in half and eat the soft centers. The taste will remind you somewhat of cantaloupe.
Kousa Dogwood aka Japanese Dogwood aka Chinese Dogwood

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Good call. I knew Che didn't look quite right but wasn't sure. I had researched Kousa yrs ago with interest in planting some but didn't end up doing it.

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Thank y’all, you nailed it! I would have never guessed, I’ll pick some this weekend and give them a try!
The leaves screamed DOGWOOD to me....but I have never seen one with fruit like that before......I learned something today!