Tower Blind Build


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Last Saturday our neighbor gave us a call. He bought a quarter section of ground a few years ago that was half in CRP. The prior landowner leased the hunting rights, but our neighbor elected to discontinue the contract. This year the CRP contract expired so he decided to cut it for hay. While cutting, he found a tower blind on its side. He said we could have it.

It was in rough shape and missing a leg, but it seemed salvageable. After hauling it home, 15 minutes later we had a new pipe leg back on. Not bad for a free tower! .

It is 10' tall. The base of the legs span a 8x8 square and the platform is 4x4. I'll keep posted as we make more progress. Sorry for the poor pic.

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We started by adding some additional bracing. The best I can tell, it is a Deer Blynd brand tower. They say they use electrical conduit to build the tower. I bought a few sticks and turned the z-bracing into x's.

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We have several IBC totes laying around the yard. Dad thought the cages might make a very nice strong platform with a shooting rail.


The sides seem a little tall, so I have to figure that out, but after cutting a "door", I think it's gonna work!

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Test fit. I like it. Need to attach some 2x4's under the platform to help lock in the cage.

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I'll have to measure it tonight. I had to take the top row of rail off to bring it down a little.
Cool use of an IBC cage- what are you going to wrap it with?

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I've got burlap to wrap the sides. I bought pool noodles to wrap all the edges so you will almost have a 360 degree shooting rail. They were $1 each for the noodles. I split them with a razor knife and they slide right over the tubing. I got orange noodles for the safety aspect I guess. I hope to have it done this weekend.

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I get mine from the local coop for free. They usually had roundup or the like in them, but they are required to triple rinse them before disposal. Worth a look as my coop usually has a stockpile and are looking to get rid of them. If i am using just the cage for something, I will haul the inner container to the recycle warehouse.