Tornados...I hope all of you are Okay!

Hey Johnny, thanks for checking. I'm in Central KY, and by the time it got here, we just had strong winds but no tornados. It did cause a lot of power outages around me, but no severe damage like at other places. Our driveway was covered with tree limbs, but that was the worst thing for me personally.

Western KY is like a war zone, especially around the City of Mayfield. They are about 4 hours west of me. There are also some places in a neighboring county to the Northwest of here that had tornados and deaths. I know a lot of people in some of those areas and will be trying to check on them as this continues to unfold.
That was the first thing I saw as I turned on Fox this morning before going hunting. Having been through one tornado and too close to another, I feel for those involved. The devastation from the ones last night are unreal. I pray for the victims and their families.
Just read we had a 3.0 earthquake in the county about 4 hours ago, I missed that too.

Thinking back me and the dogs did acknowledge a strange prolonged disturbance at the time. No truck in the drive, no chopper in the air, the disturbance went unexplained.

Turns out I was closer to the tornado than I thought. I woke up and heard the winds roaring a couple hundred feet above me. The super cell petered out not far away.

storm path.jpeg

I borrowed these pictures from LuckyRanch on ky hunting forum. This is just one families devastation but typical of what whole towns in Ky now look like.