Topworking Callery Pear

Native Hunter

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The question comes up from time to time about topworking Callery Pear. I took a picture of this one that I did last year, so you are looking at one year of growth from a 6 inch scion. This one was topworked to Hunter's Choice.

If you zoom in and look right at the bottom of the ribbon you will see a little swelled place in the trunk. This is my graft union. As you can see I did it high. I did one more last year and changed it to a Kieffer. It looks about the same as this one.

Yes, I can see that I have a double central leader on this one that grew above the graft. I could cut it back to one, and I may decide to do that. Really though, I'm not that concerned with it. It's a pear, and pears are like cats - they just do whatever they want to.