Thoughts on diverse fall mix

To add one idea, IMO the #1 main reason some fall plots fail is that many are planted a bit too late, but planting in July and early August can be too dry. To hedge my chances and get around this dilemma I plant fall plots in small adjacent strips in the same field at different times to create a staged plot, starting as early as mid June with turnips and radishes. If a midsummer plot fails I just replant with the next stage beside it or overseed later with more seed.
I've given thought to just planting a plot full of rutabaga and turnip specifically for our muzzle loader season here in Minnesota, and just leaving my place alone during firearms season. Then, I'd watch the weather and just sneak in to a stand overlooking the plot only with perfect conditions, for an all day sit. If the plot lasted that long, I bet I'd see the largest deer in the neighborhood since there are zero crops for miles and miles. A couple acres of softball sized tubers would be a hit. They eat turnips at my place readily.

In the Spring, I'd just go buckwheat and peas or oats and peas or something, plant my root vegetables in mid-July.
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