This guy blew up this year


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He was always more inferior than most of our deer, but he blew up at 5.5. He was even pretty small last year. Not the biggest buck, but he’s come a long way. He’s pretty nice for an8IMG_7420.JPGIMG_7416.JPGIMG_7411.JPG

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I wouldn’t mind shooting one of them with my bow, but it would be hard because I like watching them age. I’ve watched them since they were 2.5, so I’ve gotten a little attached to them

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Well, to each his own, but I don't get attatched to them. On the two places I own, one 85 ac. and one 217 ac., I've seen them come and go. If he's 3.5 or older, I'll generally take him if I can. Some years I can't get a 3.5 or better in front of me. Small places are like that, it's just reality.

I hunt another place by invitation where I've let numerous 3.5 and 4.5 year old bucks walk, but it's 16,000 acres. The life expectancy of a buck deer on that place is much longer than most places in ETexas.