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Sitting in my blind overlooking my food plot this morning and I'm starting to wonder if I'm an idiot lol. I passed up a nice 135+ 4x4 buck this morning at 75yards. It was a little hazy this morning and I could tell he was nice but I couldn't exactly tell which one he was. There's 2 of that size I've seen since opening morning around my plot. If its the one I think it was, it was the 3rd time I've passed on him. Once at 30 yards, once at 200 and then this morning.

I think he caught the trail of a for that crossed the path he was walking just a few minutes before cuz he made a hard right turn.

He would have been a real good buck for this area, a wall hanger for alot of people, but I've got a couple of that size already. I keep telling myself that next year he'll be bigger.

Throwback to the one I shot last year off the south side of the property. Grossed 138" and change. Please excuse the crappy pics the front camera was broke on my phone so I had to use the selfie cam lol as soon as the seasons over I need to go pick him up from the taxidermist.

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