The QDM'ers Fruit Tree Resource Thread


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Here's a few things I salvaged from the "other" forum. Original post by CrazyEd.... All credit goes to him for gathering this info... I did go though and remove any links the referred to the old forum as it will be gone shortly. -- Matt

There is tons of good information on this forum about growing and maintaining fruit trees, but it's scattered all over the place, many times going back to threads that were created many years ago. I'm putting this thread together to help centralize some of that. I know I have read these threads and continue to reference them all the time as they are very helpful. These threads will save you time and money.

If you have other useful links please send me a PM and I will add them to this directory.

Thanks to all who continue to contribute on the subject of growing fruit trees. I know my orchard is a better place because of the help of many of the experts who contribute on this forum.

Purchasing / Planting / Maintaining Resources:
Pruning at time of Planting - why it's important!
Tree Spacing Calculator
How many years until my fruit tree bears fruit?
Blooming and Bearing Problems
Bud Stages from Dormancy to Bloom
Critical Temperatures for Fruit Bud Hardiness
Disease Susceptibility of Common Apple Cultivators
Fruit Tree Disease Identification Pictures
Fruit Tree Maturity Chart
Fruit Tree Pollination Chart
Important of Fruit Tree Pollination
Pests and Insects
Tools - Selection & Care
Tree Storage and Care if Planting is Delayed
Removing Suckers and Water Sprouts

Grafting Resources:
Science of Grafting

Popular Nurseries to buy Fruit Trees from:
Adams County Nursery Inc
Burnt Ridge Nursery
Century Farms Orchard
Cummin's Nursery
Grandpa's Orchard
St. Lawrence Nursery
Stark Brothers Nursery (check out their blog for growing tips)
Wallace Nursery