The power of sex


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I’ve seen this a few time in my hunting life, but today was a prime example...
Having missed the weekend’s sits to a raging sinus infection and a damnable cough, I walked outside to let my chickens range about the homestead. I walked behind the barn to look over the farm when my eye spied a young buck about to cross the bridge over the creek, about 500 yards north of me. His head was down, and he was obviously enchanted by the scent of a hot doe that had passed earlier. As he headed for some cattails below the barn, I walked 20 yards from the garden to keep an eye on him, as well as to see if he bounced any does out of the cover. He disappeared into the cattails, and soon emerged just downhill from me, trotting right at me! I was wearing a black hoodie and a pair of khakis, standing in the open, and was enjoying the spectacle about to unfold as he angled into my scent stream. Not only did he not freak out when he hit my scent, he circled and approached me stiff-legged, bobbing his head. Eventually he jumped into my switchgrass stand, and bird-dogged his way across the property, on the trail of his true love. Closer examination of sign showed that I had stepped into the path that the previous deer had taken, and apparently I was the roadblock in his love life.

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I have had several cases where bucks have been almost confrontational when it's the right time. All focus is on the doe.... I have had them run up to me in the middle of a cut field while I was carrying a decoy. I have had them in a stand off when I have crossed paths. I even killed one of my better bucks because I shot the doe first and had no idea he was around.....she ran out into the field and he followed..... that was a mistake on his part!
Yeah, I had a young buck once prod a doe I just shot with his antlers, while grunting. I climbed down and he shied away but kept circling me while I did the field dressing chores. It was kinda unnerving.

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Sex gets lots of bucks killed! I actually count on it on my place!!! That natural drive in them makes them do some pretty stupid things.....especially the younger bucks. I have seen the same thing in other species as well.......:D

You want to see something almost scary a breeding party once. I have only seen it once. The doe was running for her life and was nearly exhausted - she was visually panting like a dog. There where several other bucks chasing her. The biggest buck would run the others off yet the doe refused to cooperate. It sounded like a herd of hogs in the woods that day. The doe would run when the buck was distracted by the other bucks and would immediately drop to the ground when he would get close to her. This would draw the other bucks close so he would run them off again and she would again try to sprint ahead. For whatever reason she refused to cooperate, but those bucks sure didn't take the hint.
Back in the 80’s my cousin and I walked into a setup of two stands to rattle a buck out of a bedding area- it was November 8th, Election Day, and we both left work early to vote. Oddly enough, we both had voted at a time when the line was short, and made it to the woods by 2:30. The next 3 hours was an unbelievable circus of 9 antlered bucks chasing a single doe all over around us. I need to commit this story to print before memory fades.

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I once shot a buck with a hot doe. Hit him low in the arm pit and hardly penetrated at that. He ran, then circled back to the doe and laid down beside her. 2 more bucks came to challenge him over the next 30-45minutes. He shot out of his bed and ran them off with deep,angry grunts. I had little hope that my shot was fatal.

At dark he left with the doe. Found him dead the next morning. He had gone another 100 yards. The broadhead clipped an artery at the front end of the body cavity. Even when bleeding out, he fought for his little lady.