The end of an era


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Goodbye to best ol dog in the world. He loved checking coon traps and tracking deer. Didn’t like duck hunting because he was gun shy. Wouldn’t hurt a fly (unless you were a puppy who annoyed him). He died at almost 13.5 years old from a brain tumor.

RIP to my best friend, Sam.


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Sorry to hear that. A dog is your friend no matter what your day was like and still thinks you are a hero even if everything else went wrong.
Sorry for your loss Cutman. You do get attached and running the farm seems a bit lonelier.

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We feel ya, Cutman

I put down my bull terrier and great pyrenees due to old age last year

The 3 of us were inseparable for every habitat project for over 12 years

Sorry for your loss. They take a piece of you when they go. He was a beautiful dog. I don't think there's a more loyal creature. Proof; lock your dog and wife in the trunk of your car for an hour and see who's happy to see you.

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I hate that for you cut, ain’t a better companion than a dog. Gonna be a bad few weeks around here when my buddy goes. He’s 13 come October, and has been my shadow since I retired. The only time he’s mad at me is when I have to leave him at home. 40448C9B-9DF2-438D-9DF5-582BFC9E2A26.jpeg
I used to think people getting attached to a dang dog was silly. Until 2006 when my Mountain fiest, Amber, came into my life. Suppose to be the “family” dog but she and I bonded instantly. My constant shadow. Tell people all the time when they asked if I went to the farm by myself to work—I went by myself, but I’m never alone. Because my dog is always there. She’s 14 now and starting to get down in her hips, but I’ve told her when she can’t run no more, I’ll carry her. B84BDE00-8018-451A-B71F-7D4B0CC4FB42.jpeg
Sorry about Sam's passing. I lost one a while gets easier, but they are never really gone as long as they are in your heart....that is where my Lucy is today. I have 3 of them laying here as I I know how they become actual members of the family.
Sorry to hear about your loss. Loyalty from him was truly genuine!!!! He loved you just as much as you loved him. I had the same thing with my Sammi (chocolate lab) . She has been gone for 12 years now, up until a week ago, I didn't want another dog because I didn't want to feel that hurt ever again. We finally decided enough time has gone by, we went and got a Chesapeake Bay Retriever "Willow" Just remember your not replacing him, you are actually honoring him because of all of the memories that you will get to remember when he was that age or that's what he did. It truly sucks, I know.