The Bradford\Callery pear curse

Thanks for posting a very interesting article. I sometimes wonder about the impact of sawtooth oaks on the "natural" environment here in the U.S. While I don't think sawtooths are truly invasive, they are nonnative and it may be several more years before we see their true potential to change the ecosystems where they have been introduced. I do feel a little bit of trepidation whenever I ship sawtooth acorns to people around the country. Hopefully sawtooths will not turn into the next Bradford pear, Chinese tallow tree, kudzu, or water hyacinth.
It's sad the way it has just exploded around here. When they are in bloom you get an idea of just how bad it is. There is a lot of land just outside of town that the wild Bradfords have just covered. What used to be rolling hills of grasslands are now covered in pears. It will be interesting when they go in and develop that land for homes. They will have to call it Pearadice. Someone needs to start a business spraying a growth regulator on them to keep them from seeding.
These pop up on our place a lot I have been top working them to wildlife pears or transplanting them to other places on the farm. I see tons of them on my commute and behind where I work.