Tempting...but no.

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Was contacted today to do a webinar, (combination seminar on the web...I guess,) on the four factors that influence deer movement. It is one of my old seminars at outdoor shows, very popular. When it was explained to me how I had to go about it and the compensation, it was easy for me to gracefully decline.

I guess those things are becoming quite popular. I've never seen one but a close friend of mine is doing pretty well with one while he waits for the shutdown to put Federal Biologists back in the woods.
I appreciate you declining. There's already a lot of disinformation out there regarding the whitetail deer. We don't need any coming from an "approved" source. But out of curiosity were the 4 things that influenced deer movement any of the following

1) The more open the terrain the easier a wide racked buck can move

2) The more narrow a rack the thicker of cover a buck can move through

3) Lopsided racked buck swim in circles

4) All deer will move to find a broken branch and peanut butter.
Not open for further replies.