Telltale Signs of Your Locale


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We are so fortunate to be able to see scenery and characteristics of so many sections of the country. From apple orchards in upper New York, to fertile rolling hills of West Virginia, to wind of Kansas, to southern pines of east Georgia to snow covered mountains of Colorado. So great to get to see it all. But what about characteristics of each area.

Today I went to the local store to fill my cans with non-ethanol gas, and thought "now that is a telltale sign of my location". And I wonder what each of you would offer as a glimpse into the flavor of your locale? Here is what I saw and said "This is US"


Complete with misspelling and all.
So what would you offer? This could be subtitled "You know you live in a redneck area when......."
Lak you just made my day. That is awesome. But I really don't think I could top that even in these hills. But talked to this guy for 30 min not long ago. Old man with rough divorce. Felt sorry for him, but not sorry enough to buy the car. The small print on Sale sign sums it up.

Born, raised and lived my whole life out west, so it cracks me up to see redneck ingenuity out the southern boys, never fails to impress and humor me
Did you ever wonder where the sand comes from when they drill for oil using the fracking method....

Another telltale sign that your in the Ozarks is the mix of upper and lower class residences. Especially around the Table Rock Lake and Branson area. I've given directions to Jim Staffords place a few times.... " down highway 265. it's the first mansion on the left past the trailer park"
Thot this might fit in here. Saw him driving thru town. Guess he was headed home not sure. Prob would have treated a thousand dollar mount little nicer. Strap across legs and bug were hitting my car like crazy. Good mount tho. He seemed proud as I drive by and gave him a thumbs up.