Switchgrass Establishment- Herbicide Recommendation


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Seeking advice: I have frost seeded a 2 acre stand of Cave-in-rock switchgrass(this is a screen so I do want a monoculture of switch). In late Fall I tilled the ground, so it was planted with good soil exposure. Because of how wet it’s been here I was unable to get simazine on the field until green up already started. I have primarily clover coming up.

I was looking to do a Gly/2-4D combo prior to germination, but the more I read that won’t take care of all the clover. Should I add Triclopyr to the mix? Or will that harm (per the label) the new seedlings? I will spray prior to the switch germinating.
I haven't had clover I sprayed survive 24d and in a crp planting that had clover in the mix the cir outcompeted it within 3 years and it was gone.

I think you'll be fine with a good dose of 24d