Herbicide on Switchgrass and Barassica


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So I have a few questions, and hopefully I haven't missed a thread where everyone has already answered these questions! First off thank you guys for all the information I have already gathered. I am somewhat new to habitat management being I bought my farm 4 years ago in southern Ohio. With that being said I have a food plot broken into a few sections which one area I have Big Racks Mix (Multiple Clovers, Alfalfa, Brassicas, Chicory); A middle section where I have Sorghum; and on the far side about a half acre of Switchgrass. I have some broadleaf weeds coming up being this was an old cut powerline. I have been looking into the other threads about IMOX and crop oil on clover plots. Can I spray IMOX having brassicas in the same plot? Can I utilize this for my sorghum as well? Second, I have been looking into what I can spray on my switchgrass to help it thrive and reduce unwanted grasses. I keep coming up with atrazine, but atrazine is controlled. Is there anything I can spray that isn't controlled to help my switchgrass?
Ok - I'm going to preface this post with a statement. I am not familiar with atrizine or Imox.

I prefer trying to keep things simple, but i am interested to see what others post. My limited use/exposure to herbicides tells me that your mix of brassica and clovers means your going to have to live with the broadleaf weeds. You can use a grass selective on any grasses in those however if you want. As for the switch, some broadleaf weeds are fine (depending on what they are). I actually like seeing common and giant ragweed in mine. As for controlling other grasses in switch grass - especially cool season grasses...I prefer to burn real early and then wait for the cool season weds to show signs of life and spray with gly before the switchgrass wakes up. The only thing I have found (and never used) to kill Johnsongrass in switch was VERY expensive. I think it was called Maverick or Outrider.....
Can I spray IMOX having brassicas in the same plot?
No, It may kill the brassicas. This is the issue with multi-variety plots ... herbicide choices are few, too expensive, or non existent. Then you have to be able to precision apply the herbicides down to 4 to 6 ounces per acre (not 2% in tank). And, spray when the weeds/grass are less than 3 inches tall. Then you have to plan for the future planting restrictions, no oats for 9 months, no turnips/sugar beets for 18 months.
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Controlling broadleaf weeds in switchgrass is easy; 2,4-D will be very effective for a low cost per acre.
Wait until switchgrass is dormant and the unwanted cool-season grasses are still growing in the fall for cool-season grass control. Mow the switchgrass high enough to leave cool-season grasses, then spray roundup at 1 to 2 quarts per acre. You need to wait until the switchgrass is dormant so that it is not damaged by the roundup. YOu can kill grasses with this method in the spring, but it works better in the fall, fast growing grass is difficult to kill in the spring. I wouldn't advise using atrazine on switchgrass at anytime.
Stinger and T-Max herbicides are labeled for weed control in brassicas, but will kill clover, and have carryover for certain other crops.
Most people spray 2,4-D and glyphosate before planting brassicas and mixed BOB foodplots, when the field is sprayed before planting the weeds aren't a big problem in shortterm crops like brassicas, and if clover is in the mix the weeds in that can be dealt with the following year.
Note; To maximize the effectiveness of herbicides you should switch to different products from year to year.
Has anyone found an effective way to eliminate japanese stilt grass in switch?
I'm afraid I already know the answer but I thought I would ask anyway.
Thanks for the info...Sagittarius definitely the downfall of multi-variety plots. The reason I tried a few things in this location was it was an extremely thick powerline filled with saplings 2 years prior. The power company cut it and I attempted to spray and plant the first year but due to all the broadleaf competition and not a strong enough gly mix, it did not do well. I had some timber work done on an adjacent south slope so he cleaned it up with the dozer removing some of the bigger roots. I got in early and sprayed and planted between all the rain we had. It is coming up good, but did not want the weeds to take back over. A good friend of mine manages properties and says he could care less about appearance and a some weeds. I planted the switch and sorghum for cover as it is a natural buck bed area, so I wanted to start establishing that. Mennoniteman thanks for the insight I seem to keep coming back to your post to pick your brain on your experiences! You say mow the switch in the fall, would you recommend right after the leaves fall late October? I keep fighting with myself about doing work in these areas around that time due to not wanting to push my bucks out, what are your thoughts or experiences with this?
I do whatever foodplot work that's necessary year round. Deer don't seem to mind farming practices, especially tractors. But my fieldwork is usually finished after I plant rye on Labor day. Switchgrass can be sprayed for grass weeds with glyphosate as soon as the leaves are brown. 2,4-D for broadleaf weeds in switchgrass can be applied anytime after the grass seedlings have tillered in the spring and have about four leaves. Avoid spraying 2,4-D on small new switchgrass as it can be stunted.