swamp chestnut oak

OK,I have a really big swamp chestnut oak in my yard to get seed from.Ive done a positive ID on the tree with 2 different books.Question,is this a preferred deer tree?Does it have a decent growth rate and if I tube and baby some seedlings can I have nuts from it in 10 years? I know I can get some seeds started through WBP Deer and other methods,
It's a good tree for deer. Also goes by the name cow oak and is in the white oak family. As far as the 10 year mark I'm sure some will make a few acorns by then but nothing that will draw and hold deer I don't think.
In my opinion it is the best oak tree for deer, challenged only by the swamp white oak. Reliable producer of LARGE highly preferred acorns. I planted some bareroot about 6 years ago and they are well over 20 feet now. I expect acorns from them by 10 years--and they aren't anywhere near a swamp.
I planted "beadles oak" its a swamp chestnut x white oak hybrid. Most didnt survive here but the one that did is growing like crazy compared to all my other oaks. I'm told they are great for deer.