summercrisp pear tree


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Anyone have experience with these? Pros/cons? Will it pollinate with my kieffer pear? Cant find a whole lot of details on them other than basics but seems every place local has them for sale this year.
Agreed, read some online about them and one sight says extremely resistant to blight and the next site will say very susceptible lol no clue
Out of a few pears picked for my location by Cummins, that is the only one I can say is doing good. I have lots of FB around to. I took some pics of it this weekend I will post when I get a chance. No pears yet, been in ground 4 years.
Here is the best pic I have. The tree is about 9'tall. I have learned that training pear trees is impossible. It had severe die back its first winter but that was the coldest winter on record. Every year I would cut the low branches off but it would produce two for every one I cut. Last year I decided to just let it grow how it wants and it has taken off.

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Thanks! so fire blight isnt bothering it huh? Most sites say its super resistant and hardy, a few say its high susceptile, but theres very lil info out about it, hopefully would pollinate with my keiffer, may give it a try next yr.