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Usually reserved for the winter time but for some reason, woke up this morning craving a pot of beef stew. Don't have venison here at home so substituted Public beef tips. They worked just fine. Added taters, carrots, celery, onion and a good dose of garlic. Decided to add tomatoes which I never do. Bought a can of the basil / oregano diced tomatoes and dumped in to the pot. I'll be adding those from now on! Ate pretty good.
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Looks like you're starting with the fall food early and it looks great.
My wife went to her sister's this weekend and I had rasin bran for supper.

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Thx guys! Merle...I'm not digging Raisin Bran for supper. Maybe bout 9:30 in the evening when you find yourself craving something before bed. That was years ago though. I go to bed now way before the 9:30 hunger thing starts. :D

lak...She'll lap it up at the farm if it's venison stew. Some weird reason she's not crazy bout it at home. But...she usually doesn't know she's eating venison stew at the farm.:eek:

Any of you guys got any good cooks coming up soon then post up some pics and recipes. Tried bacon candy bout a month ago and shoulda posted pics. Thick sliced bacon rubbed in maple syrup and a little of your favorite rub and then sprinkled with hot sauce. Grill on 350 for bout an hour and you got you one tasty snack! They won't last long. Google bacon candy. Crazy good.

Here's last cook at the farm - cheese sliders.
Ground beef mixed with seasoned bread crumbs and 6 egg yolks. You wanna make your burgers pop then add an egg yolk per 1/2 pound of ground beef. Served on Hawaiian rolls. Make you wanna slay you mama!
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