Strange looking doe?


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IMG_1486.JPG IMG_1487.JPG IMG_1485.JPG Here in north Georgia we arent known for big healthy deer but get a load of this giant doe! Or is this a buck that never grew antlers?
Ive got several pictures of this deer since last winter. He/she never stays around for more than a couple days and then disappears for weeks or months.
Id say the average live weight of a mature doe around here is 80lbs. What would you think this deer's weight would be?
I posted a picture of an average size doe for comparison.
Id like to shoot this deer to find out if its actually a buck but id be worried I killed a massive doe and Id want her to pass on her large size genetics.
Looking for suggestions on a good name to call this deer?
Good name for a hit list doe!
I was thinking more for the kids so that if they see her in the stand and get her it's more exiting for them.
I posted on another forum and they seemed to think it's just a bigger than average doe?
Something just looks really off with her. Most does I've got pictures of have long snouts and are slender. This does face looks strange to me. And her body size is easily as big as a mature 4.5 yr+ 11 point I've got pictures of at same spot.
My $0.02. She is a barren doe. Never has and probably never will have fawns. Just like a heifer, everything she eats goes to putting on body mass. Have one of those on the Kentucky piece I hunt. Sharp as a tack. Cannot ever get an arrow in her.
x2 on the third picture. That is a button.