Strange find

Spent last couple of days splitting and stacking firewood.Took a ride around block on Friday afternoon and found a cell phone on township road.Took back to camp warmed it up and working.By call log was only in road for about 8 hours.Send message to who we think is wife of owner.Of course we had to look at pictures.Obvious a hunter with pictures of 2019 deer taken.All with pa.tags attached.Some very nice bucks.Mule deer,small game and fishing pictures. Look like normal family people.Hope to here back from him to return.Only issue is phone was found in a high area of poaching,but phone call time was at 2 in afternoon.What would you have done if you found this phone?
I’m surprised you were able to access it. Most all people have they’re phone lock after a minute or two. I’m sure the person that lost it was probably parked there out of the car walking around , for whatever reason who knows . Dropped when getting back in.
If I'd have lost my phone I'd be very grateful for a guy like you who makes a quick and honest effort to return it. If the owner is a poacher or not doesn't make a difference as far as trying to return his rightful property.
Since you found the phone in an "high area of poaching" I could assume that you might have been poaching when you found it. However, I won't assume that about you - and unless you have other evidence that he was poaching, I think you should also give him the benefit of the doubt. I would try to get the man's phone back to him. Sounds like you are trying to do that, and I would commend you for doing so.

PS: A dear friend of mine from another state lost his phone in the woods 10 years ago. Yesterday one of his sons found the phone. He was elated. It had some very important pictures on it of his children when they were young. After a little work he was able to get the pictures. Happy ending…………...
I ride my bike around town quite a bit. I am always finding something in the road. I have found cell phones, iPads, headphones, knives, keys, and assorted tools. I try to return the item if possible. My best/hardest return was an old iPhone that a little girl was using as an iPod. It had a screen lock on it, but the medical information screen had a first name and a birth date with no last name. I then went to Google and found the birth date associated with a first and last name in some type of voter registration site in Florida. Once I had the last name, I found out that her husband was military and was stationed nearby. I found her Facebook account and sent her a message and returned the phone. I did get the little girl in trouble though since she had not told her mom that she lost the phone. She put it on the roof of the car and the phone slid off when they went around a corner.

Be careful when looking through photos on phones. Life is like a box of chocolates and there are certain things that you cannot unsee. I have found dog fight videos and "private" movies that I wish I had not seen.
Trying to return it is the right thing to do. I am surprised you was able to get into it. I have a cheap phone and once it's inactive for a minute or two the only thing you are doing with it is making an emergency phone call.

As an FYI for all of you guys who use some sort of cover or case for your phone. Put a business card or piece of paper with your name and OTHER phone number inside the case - this can help folks return it to you should you ever loose it. I bet I get a message at work every couple of weeks about someone found a cell phone. If you ever find a phone in a case...look inside the case as well as they may do this little trick as well.
Phone has been returned to owner. He got out of truck for a nature call.Local guy and have no concerns about him being one of local poachers.Funny thing is we still have a phone lost in woods years ago that I think will never be found.I don't carry mine anymore when hunting since don't get reception. Have to use base camp booster or drive to another block.
I’m the world’s worst to lay mine down on something and walk off, I’m surprised I haven’t lost one yet. I always have some kind of protective case on mine because it’s gonna fall out of my shirt pocket a few times in its lifetime. Rode about twenty miles on the back of my one ton once, another time it missed my vest pocket, (but caught in my coat until I unzipped my coat) and fell to the ground. Good thing I figured that out and knew right where to look. Did that again this past deer season and had to walk back to my stand and luckily no other squirrel had ran off with it..........:)