Squirrel probs


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Is there a good way to protect fruit trees from squirrels??? Or atleast limit the amount they eat. I have a heard enough time keeping them out of a peach tree at my house much less my fruit trees in the woods that should produce this year. I know the obvious is to reduce the population which is on the "to do" list.
A squirrel will go a long way across the woods to get food, thinning them out is about the only way to keep them off your trees.
Let a couple good squirrel hunters in early in the season or better yet get some kids that know how to shoot and put a bounty on them.
I have 8 pecan trees in the yard so theres quite a few squirrels around the house. Wife called me one morning when i was hunting saying she found a baby squirrel by her car. It was probably a day old... no hair or anything, just a tiny pink rat. I told her to leave it alone to see if momma would come get it. Well when i got home she had become the new momma. We raised him a few months and had him in the yard releasing him. A cat ran up and grabbed him. I kicked the cat (wifes crying with a video cam in hand) and the squirrel ran back to the house. 10 years later he's still here
I keep a squirrel trap going pretty much 24-7 in my backyard. Started trapping them 3 years ago. I honestly thought I only had maybe 4 or 5 squirrels hanging around. Caught close to 50 the first summer--had absolutely no idea there were that many squirrels. Guess they all look the same.

Anyone have other ideas to protect corn! The number of cobs the tree rats run off with is astonishing.
I would be interested in the trap as well. I don't get time to squirrel hunt anymore because my time is consumed with deer hunting. I sure do miss having a few squirrels for the pot this time of year. Trapping would be a easier way for me to get a few squirrels without having to shoot up my deer woods.
I just got a small trap at Tractor Supply. Put corn or bird seed--works like a charm.
A regular old fashioned rat trap baited with peanut butter works well. You can nail or screw them to a tree (not your good trees) so they are vertical and I think they work better in that position.
never had luck with rat traps
I was watching some squirrel trapping videos on youtube and one guy was modifying the rat trap hammering in 4 small nails on the back of the trap so when it was set off it forced the squirrel's neck into the bed of nails. Killed them dead in a hurry. Here is a hilarious video of a squirrel getting clonked by a rat trap, Have to watch it till the end for full effect. lol

so your tsc squirrel traps work good huh? That rat trap vid always cracks me up
yes, it's a smaller trap. Not the coon trap. I set it for a hair trigger where as soon as the squirrel steps on the plate it triggers the trap. I just relocate the squirrels to the local park. There nose is a little raw if I don't get them out immediately but nothing that time won't heal.