Spreader motor


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I have an old Polaris brand seeder on my atv. I am sure it was made for them by another mfg.


The motor is getting pretty weak on it a will occasionally just stop. I haven’t been able to find the exact part but there are a lot of small 12 v motors for feeder replacements. Has anybody used anything they liked (or didn’t like) on a seeder?


Thanks for the help

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Yep I found the website as well but looks like they just make the big stuff these days. I went ahead and emailed to see if they could help. Next trip up the the farm I am going to bring the seeder back with me for some more work.

Fast response from Dethmers, no longer supported but they did give me a replacement part # for Agri Fab. Bad part it is $212. I may try one of the cheaper after market motors once I can get some specs off the one I have. Thanks for the help.
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