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I'm not big on chemicals but we had a really bad infestation of Japanese beetles on my Plum & Cherry trees & Aphids on my Apple trees a few weeks ago. I bit the bullet & bought some GardenTech Sevin spray & mixed at 4 oz/gal. like it said. I also sprayed my Pear trees but noticed my Pear tree leaves area now a brownish green instead of the bright green they were a few weeks ago. All my Pear trees are roughly 3 years old. Is Sevin not good for Pears? Is there something else I can do or something else I can spray my trees with that's not as potent as Sevin?
not that it helps you now but the jap beetles don't touch my pears in my area. Maybe that's not the case there. All my apples are tore up from them. They always recover from it but I'm not sure how it fares for them in the long term.
Not sure about the others here, but my pear trees are pretty maintenance free. I have to spray my apple trees for Japanese Beatles every year, but I never spray my pears for anything and the look better than the apple trees.
So to answer your question, I just wouldn't spray the pears
I have a few pears that get scab every year, so I normally do those those along with my apple trees in the area, but the japs seem to skip the pear leaves for whatever reason. I might spray my more disease resistant (kieffer and wildlife group pears) once or twice a season for fun, but I’m not sure I’ve helped them any.

I did have 4 crabapples turn brown after spraying this year. I think I got confused on the label and mixed it up too hot. They’re going to make it, but it surely set them back. I might just not spray my crabs or my pears next year as the japs don’t hit either very hard. Or I could use permethrin as none of them are fruiting yet.

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Copy that, thanks everyone. The JBs weren't on the pears, I just figured I'd spray them when I sprayed the other 40 trees. Won't do that again... I did some research & apparently soapy water or a mixture of detergent & neem oil diluted w/ water would work for the aphids so I'll try that next time. Also heard Peppermint oil deters a lot of insects but I'm almost afraid to spray that since it might attract the bears...