spraying clover, chicory, alfalfa


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Ok - any sprays out there for this plot mix?

Seems as though the most common i hear is raptor or imox - but gosh that is expensive!

There are many grass species that can be controlled with cleth even if they are taller than 8 inches. You would just need to make sure the grass is actively growing, not setting seed, and that you spray at the high end of the label rates. I think this is 16 oz an acer if my memory serves me correctly. There may be a handful of grass species that can not be controlled unless they are young but I don't know what those are off the top of my head.
What about thistles in clover?

Weed wiper is about your only option if the clover is grazed down. Some have said that constant mowing will get them under control but I don't have time for that. Your best bet is to go to grains or turnips for 18 months and use a herbicide that will smoke the stuff. There isn't any herbicides that are highly effective on thistle that won't hurt the clovers.
Imox is fairly cheap per acer and it works well if it's applied per the label. It's your only option however I am guessing the weeds are past the 3 inch stage which is when your suppose to apply the stuff.
Your problem is the chicory and these are always issue with combo plots. Short answer, spray mix of Cleth and 2,4- DB which will take care of most of issues but probably kill the chicory. It is easily reseeded tho thru May is if you want to recoup.
Personally I spray Cleth and mow weeds as they start to flower, removing at least the top 3-4 leaves of growth. Spot spraying of stuff like thistle with gly takes care of that problem. There are no easy cheap solution with the mix of plants otherwise. Make sure you never apply N with Fert application as that promotes the problems. And as alluded to, grasses should be 6 in or less and actively growing for good success. You can mow then give week or so for new growth then spray. Good luck.
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