Sprayer and seed spreader


I'm looking to buy a quality seed spreader and a food plot sprayer that will attach to a side by side or hitch on a truck or the side by side. This will be used for about 3 acres at least per year. The sprayer can definitely be boomless and the spreader would need to have a remote control to start/stop spinning. Seed being used will range from clover,brassicas, to cowpeas. Like I said, I prefer quality, meaning I'd rather buy one that will last a long while than 3 or 4 that will have constant maintenance or have to be replaced. Please give me any good choices from your experiences, thanks ALOT!
I have a countyline sprayer with 10’ boom. I do about 8 acres per year with it and it has been good relative to its cost. I think you will get better coverage with a boom sprayer than boomless

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Thanks for the info so far. The I92 looks like what the doctor ordered. I also am not against a boom sprayer. I'll check it out more