Soy beans & Corn


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I have a farmer that will give me some corn & soy beans to plant about acre. I live in western Massachusetts, have 44 acres, of which I am getting 4 plots ready for planting by labor day weekend, with clover, WR, PPT, peas & buckwheat.

Thinking to late for corn this year and store till spring?
What about soy beans?
It will depend on the maturity of the soybeans you have. They will grow but they may not mature and make actual grain for fall and winter. Either seed will last over winter if you keep it cool and dry.
You're clearly too late for corn and beans. I think your also too late for PTT if yore expecting any real growth. I think your timing would be fine for WR/clover and peas to add a little candy to the mix.
I've used soybeans in the fall, but just as deer candy. The deer never let them get big enough to do anything before the frost hit them ..... but my purpose was to get them just a little closer to my stands :)