Something for veterans who like the outdoors and those who'd like to help them enjoy it


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First off, happy Veterans Day, veterans! Thank you for your service and you and your family's sacrifices.

Second, the above address is the organization I go through to find disabled veterans for deer hunts on our farms. They do so much more than offer hunting opportunities to veterans. I encourage vets to look through it and see if something is possible for you.

Everybody else I encourage you to donate to the site . They have been sponsoring hunters on hunts to our farms for five years.

Thanks for considering.


Just to make sure people understand I'm not an outfitter and there is no money changing hands or paid to anybody in any form. Its just what my family likes to do. The vets who hunt our place stay with us and get my wife's 5 star rated hospitality and cooking and share deer camp with everybody else. At my folk's place they stay in a local hotel and my dad will show them around the farm, making sure they get to blinds fine and my mom will cook some meals as well. They are 76 years young and have some health issues that don't allow them to do all like we do at our place but they give it their 110% to make sure the vets have a great time.

Sponsoring means in this instance, they pay for the vet's travel expenses, meals and licences, if they are charged for any of these.
While they are a great organization we have had some issues with some of their regional guys. I’m not going to publicly bash them because i want to encourage anyone to give back to those who have given so much to this country.
You can pm me if you need details.