Soil test results

Just got my soil test results back from my 8 year old clover plot. I disced about 2/3 of it up to plant some brassicas a couple of weeks ago and added 400 lb of lime and 200 lb of 6-12-12 fertilizer. Judging by the test results do you think the brassicas will grow well this summer/fall? And I’m looking for recommendations on what type of fertilizer and how muchI should put down in a couple of weeks time to help give them a boost.
The picture of the seedlings is day 10 after planting.

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I won’t be able to give you an amount, but some 46-0-0 urea would be perfect. Brassicas love nitrogen.

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30 days after planting 100#/ac Urea. Brassica are N junkies. Sorry you will have to do the Kg/ha calculation. Above my pay grade. Good luck.
There is a conversion factor for kg/ha to lbs per acre. Just google it. It will be about 20 lbs per acre less than the kg/ha numbers off your chart.