shrub row planting plan by NRCS, not understanding why


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I received the plan for a 4 row shrub plan using elderberry and plum as the shrubs. I told the nrcs that I would like 2 rows of plum and 2 rows of elderberry when adding to my crp plan. The lady sent me the plan today and she divided the shrub rows by the north half is plum and south is elderberry. There is no change in soil and minimal elevation change over the 175 yards the rows run. My crp tree/shrub plan last year in a different county had me planting 2 rows of one shrub and then 2 rows of another or one row of one flavor and another row of another flavor.

That is how I have always planted shrubs regardless if it was for crp or my own habitat development.

Anybody have an idea why this would be planned this way?
I’d ask the NRCS. When I did my planting 10 years ago they didn’t care how they different species were mixed.

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I replied to her email with questions but I am looking for ideas/reasoning to add to my argument to put them in the rows I want. She is new and really seems to want to make her mark and show she's got the power. She fd up my crp to the point I told them I was backing out of the contract and then the people in the FSA called me and told me she was wrong with her assessment and said I could have the initial plan that was approved. She doesn't care for me too much so I want to have my facts/reasoning covered for our next face to face convesation or phone conversation.

The guy who drew up my original plan resigned for another job after the initial submission and then she came in. It's been a major pain in the ass since then. She likes to flex her education/theories in her plans and explanations.
It sounds like she is creating 2 monoculture’s. I’d question it too.
Maybe she just got out of college and believes the Plums are oppressors and since thy have Plum privilege will dominate the Elderberry. ?? So they must be segregated.
Competition is likely the reason they are segregated. But I agree nature is not a mono culture. I wonder if you could do smaller blocks, staggered with plum then elderberry, then more plum etc? To me this seems like a reasonable compromise

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I’m curious what NRCS program shrub planting fell under. I’d be interested for my place.
Thank you

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’m curious what NRCS program shrub planting fell under. I’d be interested for my place.
Thank you
cp25 shrub planting

I did this last year as well with 3 acres being hardwood and shrub planting. Different county and a way different person to work with, for the better.
Well deer camp '21 is over so I can take some time and share what happened with shrub plan.

I was incorrect on soil type not being an issue for half of the rows according to the map nrcs had. However I was able to diversify the shrub rows. The south end is still plum but I was able to put in 2 rows of choke cherry and 2 of elderberry on s end.

I conferred with another nrcs and they said I didn't have much say in the plan with soil type issue.

Hoping for the best. I'm plowing the rows for prep tomorrow and drilling 40 acres of crp.

If anyone is still looking for some shrubs, IA nursery has some. What I got from them last year did real well this year.
In case you need a pull behind planter there is one on auctiontime and it's in NE under planters.If I was closer I would buy it