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If anybody is needing any shotgun work done see below. I sent him a 870 barrel to shorten and thread for chokes, it was back on my door step a week later. Had to go with the True tube instead of a Rem choke in the older barrel due to thickness. I'll post some pictures once I get some more parts in.

It's kind of like having work clothes and dress clothes.


The new project is a late 70 - early 80s wingmaster. The old ones (same age as me) just feel better than the new models. Started with a 30" full choke, cut around 25" threaded to a tru choke thread. Here it is with a Carlson's sporting clays improved cylinder tube.


Replaced the mag spring with a stainless extra power spring and aluminum follower. Also replaced the carrier spring with the police version (XP) since it wasn't kicking the shells up real well.

This one will probably just get used on clays and doves. The spray painted machine will get most of the hunting time.

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Ran the barrel code on the wingmaster it is a 1976 model. So it is 2 years old than me, runs better and has less scars!
I understand what you mean about when a gun just feels right. Looks like you are set to go.
When I inherited my Dad's collection I now have a Wingmaster in every gauge they were offered .410 , 28, 20, 16, and 12. Also a full set of 1100's. I have played with a lot of different shotguns over the years and always end up with a 870. I know a lot of the older guys felt the same about the Win. Model 12.
My Dad died in 1989. I inherited his 16 Ga. Wingmaster. It's 50s-60s vintage. I wish I wouldn't have been so hard on it when I was a kid killing rabbits. There is no doubt the older 870s are a different beast than the new ones.
Three solid days of rain in Missouri, a lot of miles in Kansas this year turkey hunting. Been a few years since the last "custom" paint job. The old girl is about due for a remodel.


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