Shed antlers?


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How about a shed antler section?

I am in zone 7a on the Tennessee / Kentucky state line in middle TN. I am waiting for more pics of bucks with that have dropped. In my area, farms are small and if I bump deer holding they may drop on ground I don't have access to.

Love to see the early sheds and Yes we could all enjoy a Shed Antler Section IMO.

How about a shed antler section?


Thanks! The matched set is from a couple years ago. Would be great to see everyone share their finds here. I've kept a Shed hunting journal on a website with a few like minded people for many years now. I always look forward to seeing what everyone finds. I've only been out once this season so far - I hope to start getting out weeknends now.



Looks like some beginning to drop...

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Nice! Only one on my cams have shed (He lost both but he's also hurt with a broken leg. I fear he is weak and shed early.). Hope you find that big one's antlers.

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Will be in full swing soon - I have a few cameras out assessing the situation. I hate putting them on the public land I shed hunt - but I've decided I really have to in a few areas to know when to maximize my effort.
I usually start valentines day,but talked to a guy that found 3 tonight 5 miles from me and all mine still show they are packing
Only have one cam that has dropped (he's injured from a bump with a truck). Everybody else still has both.

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My biggest dropped 1 side this week,tried to download a pic but for some reason it isn't working but also not giving an error
Got out for a walk today with the snow melting off the south facing hills - found my 1st of the year - not a big one - but a freshy - good start!!

Still can't get picture up,no error and says it's there but just flashes and goes away
Are you posting from a computer or a cell phone?

I always post from a cell phone or iPad using Tapatalk and it works great! Going out looking for sheds after church today...
I tell people the most important thing is to get out there and look for them specifically. You won’t find many on a stroll through the woods, you need to be focused and go into the thorny nasty spots people avoid. Go at the right time if year, and look for bits and pieces of antlers not whole antlers- I find about 60% in bedding areas, 10% on trails, 10% in feeding areas like crop foods, and 20% in staging areas. In all cases - the edges of one habitat type to the other are most likely to produce as deer tend to linger in the edges. When you find one. Mark the spot and then take the time to grid a couple hundred ft out around - often the other isn’t far away. Most people agree mid feb to mid March is when shedding occurs in most areas. If the property is private and undisturbed it pays to wait so not to bump the deer. If it’s public land - you don’t usually have the luxury to wait.

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When I have a good turnip crop, I find them close. Sometimes in the plot, some times in bedding around it. I also find quite a few in my crp.
Can someone give me the cliff notes version of advice for shed hunting? Where to look, helpful hints, etc?

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I'm not the expert, but I find more than my fair share. The best advice I can offer is to know where they eat, and sleep. I spend 90% of my time gridding these areas and the trails between if I am looking for a particular buck. But then again, I bring my wife and dad often and it never fails that they will find a gagger in the middle of nowhere...