self fruiting pear


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I got to thinking today, I have a single kieffer pear tree planted from lowes last year on the corner of my property. I have no other fruit trees at the moment. I know kieffers are self pollinating but will produce heavier if cross pollinated. I guess what i'm wondering is, without another pollinator are we talking like 10 pears self pollinated vs 1000cross pollinated on a mature tree or is it more like 700 vs 1000? I realize a lot of factors go into this but just curious when everyone says "cross pollinated will produce heavier" how much heavier one really should expect.
I have often thought that exact question. I don't know the answer but I went ahead and planted an Orient pear next to my Kieffer just to be safe.
Here is a keifer pear planted by itself no other pears around I'm aware of to help pollinate it yet. There are three more pears a ways off we planted but none bloomed this year so they didn't help it this year.


That looks like enough pears to me.

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