These are some of my chestnuts and oak seedlings I have going I have 23 different pure American and Chinese chestnut types also Concordia, Burr oak, Sawtooth oaks and some persimmon that are just coming up. I should have enough to get about 20 trees and give the rest away. IMG_0318.JPGIMG_0319.JPG

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I 2 kinds from from a guy in western ky around bowling green some from a forum member from Columbia ky. Some from New York Allen nichols and a American hybrid it’s supposed to be 50/50 cross from Pennsylvania I think

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I ended up having to put my potted trees inside a wire dog kennel to protect them....the dang squirrels would even chew on the pots if they could reach them!
I use 2 items to deter rodents like these. Milorganite and hot pepper flakes like the red pizza stuff. Sprinkle on top the dirt. Works pretty good. Milorganite needs to be refreshed after 3-4 weeks or so. I have about 100 chestnuts and oaks in the back yard. I am in the city and there are not too many chipmunks or squirrels. I have lost 3 trees with no other protection since 5/1. YMMV...
Your trees are looking good. I noticed that you didn't say chinquapins. Did you forget about them or did they not work out for you? I screwed my chinquapins up this year and only have three that are doing anything. The northern red, bur, and chestnuts you sent me are doing great.