See something new every season...


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Like most of you, I’ve spent thousands of hours watching deer. Despite hours and hours in a deer stand year after year I still manage to see something new each season. Yesterday afternoon I watched a deer running around like crazy on the salt marsh. When I got my binocs up I realized that she was freaking out because of the fiddler crabs. Hard not laugh watching her.

Funniest thing I ever saw was a doe with 2 young ones with her. She was trying every trick in the book to get my son and I to move. She knew I was there, but wasn't quite certain. Head bob, foot stomp, blow....over and over. Then she got so focused on us she trips and falls entirely to the ground....feet up in the air and everything! She jumps up and looks around like "Who did that?" That was enough we busted out laughing and the deer trotted off. Real graceful critters!
Did you know they can swim?

I have a video of a mamma doe and fawn swimming from a small island in the middle of a large pond

In my younger days working on the tow boats, it was a common occurrence to see deer crossing the Mississippi River swimming. Saw a few huge bucks like that especially in the Natchez and Vicksburg area.
A friend and I were bass fishing once and rounded a curve to see a doe with her head completely under water. She was belly deep in the lake and I was using only the trolling motor, for it was in the spring and we were fishing the banks. When she pulled her head up, she had a mouthfull of some type of aquatic plant. She looked around and saw us, and by this time we had almost stopped, and just kept chewing. She ducked her head one more time while we sat there around fifty yards away just watching. After she chewed up her mouthfull she turned around and just waded back to dry ground, flicked her tail and trotted off. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it !