Security Camera Suggestions


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We have owned our place for 10 years (give or take) - we have had a few minor issues but since putting up major gate systems and all we have been lucky/blessed.

However - i am very worried, with knowing what is going on when we are not there. We have discussed cameras for years! However we are in such a rural area the only internet that is provided isnt fast enough for cameras. We could get cameras and hide/lock the video box in the house.

All that to be said - what do you all do? On areas where guys could sneak in to hunt/trespass do you all hide cameras high up in a tree to monitor that area? Just a trail camera and check it occasionally to see if its catching people?

Thank you all for the input.
I have a Spartan Go cam that emails a pic on motion. Have it at my Mom's house now since no one there.
Uses att but verizon is available.
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I am in a similar situation except my place is still new to me so I'll have to see what the future holds, especially during hunting season. I have yet to see any signs of trespassing, but the paranoid side of me put some "hidden" cameras out just in case because we are not there all the time. Basically I hot glued camo burlap to a couple of cheap cameras, along with the camera straps, and I placed them in strategic locations with plenty of surrounding cover. One is located up near the cottage in case someone comes in trying to steal anything I'm keeping in one of the storage sheds and the other is located along an old road bed that goes right down to the river. These are the two most likely places for trespassers to show up. For the path down to the river, I placed an old decoy camera right on the path itself to draw attention to it and then hopefully the hidden camera would stay unseen. So far I have only captured one of the neighbor's cows and a Power company truck (which was authorized) up by the cottage but I have yet to get any trespasser pics on the path so that is good news.

Below is a test pic that I took in my back yard after completion. I'll try to remember to take a pic of it set up in the woods when I head out there tomorrow. Good luck!
Camera camo.jpeg
I hide browning dark ops cameras 10-12 ft up on all accees trails and entry points off of the road.
Caught tresspasser #1 this year riding 4 wheeler on access trail. Great pic of his face. Went to only gas station in town. Got a ID on him, visited state police and he was prosecuted.