Screening Cover Help

All, looking for some suggestions on what would be good to plant for screening cover on my property line. I’m trying to block me neighbor from being able to see/shoot Into my property line (marked in yellow). I’m located in Maine (zone 6).

If wooded area hinge cut the hell out of it...I had 3 areas I wanted a good screen on our place and I made one immediately with a chainsaw...
I’d like to plant something in the woods as well for more bedding cover but it’s sometimes wet. There’s hardly any tracks running through it. Just on the edges.

It should work. Plus, it's really your only option. I doubt anything will grow well under those pines. Cut the big ones 1st, then lay the smaller trees on top.
as above

My loblolly pines don't" hinge", but thinning results in an explosion of beauty berry,greenbriar,wild grape,golden rod,ragweed,etc by year 2