SC Kansas

south tree planting.jpg west tree planting.jpg This is the tree planting I did in 2016 a few oaks are already topping the tubes then next picture is the tree planting from 2015 and I would 95% are out of the tubes2016 tree planting1.jpg
apple2016.jpg oakleaves.jpg Well I am still trying to figure putting pictures on here but like a couple of the features,the pics got crossed above but you get the idea.Below is one of my apple trees that is loaded this year.Then I have an oak that is in the farmhouse yard on this property.It has acorns and I am showing leaves and bark oakbark.jpg
You can edit the picture breaks. I had to learn how to do it also.

Glad to see your photos of your land. Thanks for sharing. :)
Wow your place makes me think I should run out and step up my pace on my place. Great stuff

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Good to see your thread starting back up. Place looks great!
Based on the leaves I would say the oak is a native chinquapin. We have a ton of them on our place and it looks very similar.
Here are two chinquapins growing side by side. Leafs vary quite a bit from tree to tree but pretty identafible.


This tap a talk thing is great!

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thanks wish it was somewhere other than the front yard of a rental house
Most of your place doesn't even come close to resembling the terrain that ours grow on.
How are your sandplums doing? We produced almost none this yr.

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I had quite a few and still have some,they don't all get ripe at same time so it seems you pick a few then go back and pick a few more.The 500 planted this year haven't received the attention they should have but I have 400 fragrant sumac that i am fighting grass in.
well I tried to upload a picture of the chestnuts but keep getting an error and I uploaded the wrong alfalfa pic
Another apple tree that is starting to ripen,Don't know whats going on can't upload pics but they are trying to load different than last week
just upload file that is saved on computer,it now has a bar that shows the progress of load that it didn't have last week.and says theres a error but doesn't say what.I will have my computer guy see if it's something on my end tomorrow