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Hi everyone. I was looking in the QDMA forum and found the habitat page. I found a lot of value in the page and then discovered it was expiring! DocDog had posted about this newer site and found the same guys here and decided to join. I have a small farm(90ac) in NE Oklahoma. For my fellow Okies it's located in Wagoner County. I may follow suit and post up my farm and the habitat improvements. Ive found its really valuable to have other folks that are like minded in the habitat management to glean information from and find out what to do or what NOT to do. Anyways, looking forward to learning from all you folks out there!
Welcome to another Okie. So glad you joined up. We might just have to have an Okie get together some day. Johnny can smoke us a pig!

Look forward to your habitat thread.

Welcome. Glad to have you aboard. Most of the Okie's on board exaggerate things a bit, so hoping you level things out.

From one Okie to another, welcome!
I'm on the other side of the state(west).

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Welcome to this forum. Great group of users on here. Your neighbors in OK are top notch.

Enjoy the ride.
Welcome duxndog! You got some big shoes to fill to hang with the other Okie's on here. Lak...Problem with them Okie's is that they can back it up!!! I live vicariously thru Johnny. You'd think my son, Brooks, was Johnny's son. They seem to be cut out of the same cloth - always gettin' stuff done.
Thanks everyone! Looking forward to upping my management game. Just got a 60" disc this week so I'm looking to forward being able to manipulate my two plots better than I have in the past. I was playing around on Google Earth today putting together my property for a land tour. Hopefully I'll get that up in a couple days...and Dog doc, I'm up for a pig smoke any time! I got sounders running around everywhere out here. This summer we hunted a few times and killed seven which doesn't do much to the herd. In the spring they are as thick as thieves on my north side due to the sheet water I'll have backed up in the timber. I've easily counted 30 just going through one trail cameras pictures in a two hour period at times.
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Welcome from one okie to another! You are in good company.

I am this "Johnny" everyone keeps mentioning for some reason :D

I was down in the waterfowl refuge this spring over near Wagoner and found quite a bit of hog sign. They are a fairly recent arrival to that area...

Post that land tour up!