Saw my first fawn of the year yesterday

A guy at work was fishing by a creek this past Tuesday and a fawn came floating by. He pulled it out of the water. He called the police, said they were going to take it to an animal shelter for wildlife.
Little guy would have been missed if it hadn't stood to stretch it's legs. When it laid back down all I saw was the top of his ears. Tiny little booger couldn't have been more than a few days old.


I almost stepped on this little one yesterday turkey hunting.

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Awesome sight to see. My little dog caught one last year but didn't hurt it. She's a 20 lb mountain feist and was bigger than he was. Little button head. Tried to follow us when we walked off so we stood around until he wondered off. I told him when I saw him in 5 years, the ending would be different. LOL
IMG_1363.JPG This pic was snapped about an hour before I grabbed the SD card last week. This one was a full 2 weeks earlier than I saw the first one last year. Bush hogging projects are on hold till July....
I haven't seen any yet and I am full bore into the commercial brushhogging side job business right now. I have brushogged 13 hours so far on a property that will take 24 hours to completely finish and the place is loaded with deer that I am jumping out of the weeds and fescue fields but no fawns seen so far...
I saw my first fawn yesterday. It was out in a field running so fast a lion couldn't have caught it. About right for an early may or late April birth.
I've not been able to get up to the farms for two weeks to check. Had a guy at work flunk his random drug screening so I'm working my shift and half of his. Maybe next week I can talk my granddaughter into a fishing trip to see what's going on up there.

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I found one 20 yards from my house laying behind my firewood pile yesterday.
And just an hour before, I shot a groundhog that was laying on top of a pile of logs that need cut and split, RIGHT THERE, 5 yards away from the fawn. The angle of the .22 bullet (if it passed thru the 'hog) would have flown 2 feet or so over the fawn...YIKES!