Roundup price inflation


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I bought 2.5 gallons of Roundup concentrate last year in Oct. Price was $89 which at the time was way higher than earlier in the year. But thought I'd go ahead and get some for this year to start with. Just priced same brand and size at $187.50. Sure its no surprise to most on this forum but it does make one wonder where this is all going.

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Some of that 7.5% inflation is all

commercial ag is really going to be squeezed. Herbicides double in price. Diesel and fertilizer up 50%. Seed costs up 50%. Yet farmers arent the ones who get to price their own crops
My price was for the 50.2% stuff. For killing yuccas with hand held sprayer I'll try that 41% stuff since the diesel probably helps kill them anyway. Regardless though, interesting times.

Forgot, I was using Triclopyr for yuccas. I need to price that too. For food plots though I need the roundup to get them started out of old fields.
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I don’t see me spraying this spring. I’m planting buckwheat and gonna let the lack of sunshine kill my weeds. (Hope it works:D)
Very glad I grabbed two 2.5G containers last summer for roughly half than the current price. I was worried I overpaid.
4 quarts per acre is a ton of glyphosate. If 2 qts/acre doesn’t kill what you are trying to kill you might need to think about using a different method of weed control.
We used 1250 gal of gly on farm last year. Very thankful was able to buy a couple totes last fall. I hate using it but will be burning down with gramoxone this spring. It’s been the most stressful planning year I’ve ever seen. Uan was 200$ ton last year now 700. I locked in urea at 850$ I heard Friday it was 1100$ ton. Some one is getting filthy rich.