Rootmaker RM18 Express Pots and Trays


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I purchased a case of these back when I was growing hundreds of trees and now am looking to downsize my operation. Have dozens of the pots with trays I would like to sell. Each tray holds 18 pots.

Looking to sell for $12 per each set of tray and 18 pots.

I live in Columbus, Ohio.....pickup would be easiest but can ship for added cost of shipping.
They are 3.125"x3.125"x4" tall, product #41420 in this link......

They work great for chestnut. I grew TONS of chestnut and could usually get them to 12-18"+ in these pots before I moved to 1 gallon bags.

I would ship them if we can work that into the cost.

How many do you want so that I can see what kind of box I may need?
Still have a bunch of these that I am hoping to get rid of. Just looking to cover shipping and maybe a 6 pack! Ha.

Let me know if anyone is looking for some tree pots.