Rootmaker 18 Express Cell Single Holder


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Had a few extra trees this year and instead of using a whole whole flat just to hold two or three cells I designed and printed a holder for a single RM18 Express Cell. I’ll upload the design to Thingiverse for that have a 3D printer and would like to print one for themselves.



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That looks great. You create some cool things. I do more re- purposing than design/build but thats neat. I have the RM 18 flats and I was thinking about suspending them in my grow cage with wire, run wires that will go inbetween each row of 4". the middle row sits inbetween 2 wires then 2 wires on the outside edge. Right now i have then sitting on 2 1x4's inside the cage which is up off the ground 6" but the bottom cant air prune if its sitting on something.
How many do you have? Back when I grew 100s I’d trees I made a wood frame and cut a 16’ cattle panel down the middle so I ended up with two 2.5 ‘ x 16’ panels. Took one of them and use it for the top of the wooden frame. Then I lined the top with chicken wire to support the RM flats. Worked well and best I can remember one table would hold about 8 of them. If you only have a couple of flats you could build a smaller 2x4 frame to fit them and you might be able to get away with just using chicken wire for the bottom.

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I have 5 flats along with @ 20 / 1 gal STO in one cage and it's wraped in plastic chicken wire but it's too flimsey to support all that weight so I have 4X4's under it to support the trays but I don't like it because part of every tray is on a solid surface. I will re-pot the 4" into 1 gal bags before July, but next year i will have to do fence panels.