Roller coaster ride with new Tractor

Bought a LS xg 3025 for food plotting and it did great last fall . then had a couple small things to do and noticed a oil leak [ only 51 hours ], to make a long story short the 3025 has a frame issue and it allows the motor to flex and causes the leak its been recalled and repaired but still the leak came back so the dealer offered to allow me my full purchase price toward a different tractor . I was scared of the LS so went went their other brand a Branson 3015R , Anyone own one, I know its a little late to ask but had no choice if I wanted a tractor for spring because the LS had major issues and LS inc was still trying to resolve it .
I ran the Branson 11 hrs and so far love it . Im a picky and really take care of my toys and never allow them to be dirty or set in the weather so it will be taken care of . figure I will run it about 60 hrs a year im 56 so say I need about 20 years or 1200 hours out of it .