Rock Dilemma


I have a field of rocks. It's 1.2 acres and in a great spot but it's a rock fest. I don't mind the hard work of clearing them but I'm worried it's just a fool's errand now. I have disked it unfortunately for me because I was naive and hurt my disk. Nothing serious but I won't do it again. I went out the other day and used a york rake on it and while I do clear some weeds all I do is bring up more rocks. Can you all provide me with some ideas on what to do? I can probably rake it to the point of disturbing the soil enough to get seed down but I can't imagine ever being able to mow it because of the rocks. Thoughts?
I am in a constant battle with rocks here.
I usually pick the bigger ones out for sure and then just plant into the smaller ones and roll the rock down.
I use the rippers on my box blade but I think I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a 9 tooth cultivator (Chisel plow) this weekend...It has heavy duty springs that allow the teeth to be able to bend and go over the largest roots and rocks... I have broken a few box blade teeth...
We pick the big ones and use a heavy duty disc. I would like a spring loaded chisel plow but my attachment budget has been blown for this year.
I have one plot that is mostly rock. I run a chisel plow through it once a year, pick the biggest rocks out then lightly disc before the next crop.

Not sure about your area Elkaddict but the used chisel plows here are not bad priced on craiglist in this area and are always listed.
rocks,thatch,weed 004.jpg rocks,thatch,weed 005.jpg Does it look like this? If so, quit disking and start using the throw and mow method. Yes, i have plenty of rocks, thank you.
Haha. Not gonna lie you're making me feel better. Now that's some rocks!! Mine not that bad but again I don't understand how I can throw and mow. Throw yes but mow with rocks???
Ours is very similar to blumsden's...





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You'll need to grow some thatch for later use. Are you familiar with the throw and mow method? Look at the standing thatch in Okiekubota's picture. Spread seed into that thatch and mow it down over your seed to protect it from birds and to hold moisture. It works very well. There are several threads that CNC has started.
I have the same rocks that Okie has, so I throw and grow. When the planting has served it's purpose I start over by spraying Glyposate and seeding again the same day. With this method I can grow grain and green cover crops, but not corn or beans.
Note to self: Stop thinking you have a lot of rocks. You are a whiner.

Wow. Some of you guys do some amazing stuff with very rocky conditions. I'm impressed.
YOu guys and your rocks, wow. I just can't imagine. I've got areas near me that are similar but no cropping is done. Typically they are just sheep farms. Or more recently, goat farms. I've seen old farms not far from me with rock piles the size of houses and I know some old farmer and his 4 generations, spent a lot of time clearing fields by hand.
OP and others ...what does a rock rake do in a salvageable (meaning not paved like a driveway) piece of ground ...I am sure one can be rented somewhere near you

I have a rock rake, and have tried it a few times, but its just a waste of time. The only nthing that works well, is hand labor and i'm 53, and that gets old in a hurray. I just deal with it. I actually think it helps hold moisture.